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    16422 Failed to download all additional files for a package


      I'm a bit of a newbie to LANDesk, and I'm having dificulty with deploying a software package.


      I have a distribution package that I have created that when I run the scheduled task to deploy it fails with the following code:


      16422 Failed to download all additional files for a package


      I am attempting to have the client download using http. I have confirmed that I can enter the location of the files and download at least the msi via browser (in fact, I can browse the files in the structure with no problem. And I have another executable package that I can distribute via http with no issues to the same test machine).


      The installation fails pretty quickly, probably within 60 seconds and I cannot find a log file that describes any kind of issue as to why. This software package has a LARGE number of additional files that are needed for the installation (in the order of ~1700 files), I don't know if that plays into it or anything?


      Can someone point me to where I can get more information regarding why it's failing and what I can do about it?


      Thanks in advance.

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