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    Rolloup Core DB tables Disappeared


      I just recenetly completed a LANDesk v9 SP3 implementation with 3 Child Cores rolling up to a Rollup Child Core. As part of the implementation, each of the cores has is running on Windows 2008 R2 and has a separate SQL 2008 R2 DB including the Rollup Core Server.  The links were created successfully on the rollup DB to the Child Core DB servers and the LDMS Rollup Server configuration completed successfully.


      When I rolled up the data from the child cores, our DBA noticed that three tables [dbo.computervulnerability & dbo.vulnerability & dbo.patch] are now missing. Is there a way to recover or recreate this tables using a script or other tool?  This DB tables were in use for our Patch Compliance Reporting and I have to get it working again ASAP, so I need all the help I can get. can you help?


      ** I am fairly new to the LDMS v9 SP3 Rollup Core, so any help I can get is much appreciated!!


      John Njenga