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    Handling quotes for booked incidents


      With my limited knowledge on Service Desk I am trying to work out a way to handle a quote being sent in from our Service Center that then needs to be attached to a corresponding incident with same reference number the reference number is a reference number given to us by the service center when we book in the job I am handling this througha call action that puts in Service Reference.  My thoughts were to create a seperate email address that the Service Center can send the quote to once the prepare it this will automatically log the Service Center quote in and then my Techs can easily use a query to see those quotes and attach them to the corresponding incident.  What I am trying to figure out is can I use the Add parent for the Quote to attach it to the Incident or is there a better automatic way i can process the task.  The end result is that the booked in laptop incident when you open it you can see the attached quote, I do not want my guys to have to save the attachment and then reattach to booked in incident.


      Simple process is as follows

      Book Laptop into LANDesk Service Desk

      Call Service Center - they give us Reference Number we give them details of Damage

      Service Center Prepares quote send it to us - want them to send to email so it comes in automatically

      We then need to associate the Quote and Booked in incident this I want to simplify