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    How to get count of *.mp3



      I have a query to identify devices which have MP3 files using the following Search Condition:



      "Computer"."Multimedia Files".Scanned Extensions" LIKE "%.mp3%"



      What I want is the COUNT of files that meet the Search Condition (i.e., count of mp3 files).  



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          You can use the count function in the Web Console query to get this. In the 32 bit console you would need to set up a column and qualifier that gets what you want.

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            Thanks for the quick response.  I am using the Webconsole and did find the COUNT funtion for the 'Display Attributes.'  Using the same Search Condition regardless of which 'Display Attribute' I have tried in conjunction with the COUNT function I am not getting the expected results.



            My desired results will include the Device Name (i.e., "Computer"."Device Name") and the count of mp3 files.  Which attribute should be used to return the count of mp3 files for a device?






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              Ok so in the First line you would say the Scan Extentions Like ".MP3" the an And Number of files <> 0 then add the Number of files under Attributes to Display as well as the device name...



              Here is my Export XML file from my 8.7 SP5 core.



              <?xml version="1.0"?>


                <!-- exported:4/8/2008 3:25:11 PM, TESTDC0\administrator-->

                <name value="MP3" />

                <where value=""Computer"."Multimedia Files"."Number of Files" <> 0" />

                <where value="AND "Computer"."Multimedia Files"."Scanned Extensions" = ".MP3"" />

                <field value=""Computer"."Device Name"" header="Device Name" />

                <field value=""Computer"."Multimedia Files"."Number of Files" COUNT" header="Number of Files" />

                <sort value=""Computer"."Device Name"" />

                <sort value=""Computer"."Multimedia Files"."Number of Files"" />




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                Isn't that going to show the count of all multimedia files, not just mp3?

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                  Valid Point now that I relook this would be total # of all extentions scanned



                  The actual # of MP3 files present is not available in the scanned Data only the total # of Multimedia files. So if MP3 is all you care about at this point you can just change the scan extn to just MP3 in the LDAPPL3.Template make that available and this # will represent the Total # of MP3 files on the clients.



                  See attached for what this would look like in inventory...