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    MAC 9.0 SP3 can't write to .0 cert

    zman Master

      So running SP3 and trying to configure the CSA on the client 10.6.8. I'm running the Landesk Management Gateway.app as a local admin and requesting the broker cert works fine. However, it does not update the bottom of the .0 cert. If I change permissions on the .0 cert and manually add the:






      It works. Any other MAC users having  issues with SP3?  I have a work around, but wondering if this is a know issue.

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          ZMAN I just built a SP3 Dev core and put a Mac on it... I cannot get it to run a full inventory scan, has your run one?

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            jfisher Apprentice

            v9 sp3 ..Just checked and my mac test clients (also 9 sp3) seem to be restricted to system based interactions, with processes running as a local user failing although they have a valid cert the client cannot request portal tasks nor run user initiated inventory scans when using the cloud appliance... the devices seem to be checking in for a basic mini scan but could this be a permissions issue? Was there something other than the creation of a new agent for sp3 (and requesting a cert) that was supposed to be done after the upgrade? ldiscan and ldapm are racking up crash logs on the client.  Just thought I would put out a feeler before hitting up some more test systems.

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              zman Master

              So apparently you need to do a rebuild all on the MAC client and redeploy for the new cert to come down, very differnt then the Wintel clients.