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    DOS bootfiles



      Please excuse the poor nature of this question.. I am just struggling somewhat with limited resources



      I need to add the DOS files to image capture deployment but do not have a Windows 98 CD. I have tried downloading various bootdisks from bootdisk.com but none of these work? I am awaiting a Windows PE license but this is yet to arrive and I would like to do some testing in the meantime.



      Again apologies for the question... I know the likely answer is locate one of these CD's or wait for the PE disk...



      Thanks guys



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          Darren --



          Unfortunately, if there were a 'place' to obtain the source over the internet, providing that information would probably be illegal  ;). The reason LANDesk requires that you provide the Windows 98 and Windows 2003 Server disks is to ensure that you legitimately own an Operating System which would entitle you to use DOS.  There was a day when I recalled which files specifically were used to validate Win98, but I don't recall what they are -- the others can chime in (it might be listed somewhere at www.droppedpackets.org).



          I THINK, among the files you need for 98 validation









          If you can wait until tomorrow I can hook you up since I'll be in your area.









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            No worries.. I thought this would be the answer



            I just thought and kind of hoped they may have been left on our server after testing ?:|  sadly (and correctly) this was not to be the case....



            Ive got CD's at home.. ill just use those tomorrow...



            Thanks for your help