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    Dell Mobile Broadband Cards and HII


      I am having a major issue with HII on all of our Dell Latitudes and the Mobile Broadband Cards that are installed.


      I have all of the drivers in the HII Library but when I provision Windows 7 x64 to these machines the hardware shows up in device manager as not having the drivers installed.


      This is the same on all of our Latitudes (D630, D430, E5400, E6400, E4310, E6410, E6420) the mobile broadband cards are either the 5520, 5530, 5400 or 5550 devices depending on the age of the laptop.


      I have checked the device ID's of the offending hardware and confirmed that these do appear in the driver inf file.

      I have used SQLiteBrowser to open the drivers.db3 file and searched for the device ID's here and they all seem to exist and point to the correct infFile.

      If I manually copy the drivers to the machine Windows is happy to accept these when I update the driver.



      We are using LANDesk 9.0 SP3, no other patches have been applied post SP3 and I opened a case with support last Wednesday about this but this is still at the status 'Under Review' as we have an impending migration of several hundred devices from XP to Win 7 I thought I would ask the same question here as finding a quick resolve to this issue is important.



      Any help would be greatly received.



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          JeremyG Apprentice

          To Troubleshoot do this:


          1. Boot into Windows PE
          2. Cancel the provisioning window
          3. Change the properties of the DOS box to keep 9999 lines of history.
          4. Relaunch provisioning X:\ldprovision\ldprovision.exe
          5. Run a provisioning job that has ONLY the  HII step.
          6. Cut & Paste the output from the DOS box into notepad
          7. Review to see if the hardware ID's are detected.



          I suspect that you will *not* see the hardware ID's listed here.  If that's the case it means that the Broadband device is a "child" of some other device which does not have a driver in WinPE.  (ie if you dont hve the PCI-express driver, it is impossible for a pci-express card to be seen)


          If this is the case there's a very simple solution in Windows 7. (its more complicated in WindowsXP)   Just add a line to your provisioning job immediately after the HII step, to manually copy the driver folder which contains your broadband driver to the destination drive C:\Windows\LDDriverStore.


          Since Windows7 searches sub-folders for drivers, it will automatically see that driver during mini-setup and you should be all good.



          I had a similar problem with a USB3 driver, and LANDesk has it as a known issue.

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            This is know issue with sp3 , we have to wait for patch to remediate this issue .


            Best option is to roll back to sp2 with help of landesk support.



            ~ Vijay

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              JeremyG Apprentice

              I should say that if it's the problem i described, there is another potential fix.   If the device in question *IS* a child of some other device, you could also add the parent-device driver to WindowsPE, and that should allow the child to be detected.

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                Thanks Jeremy,


                Unfortunately I've not had much opportunity to test this theory today and will not be iin the office now until next Monday.


                It does look as if the devices are child devices though so this gives me something to go on. I have inserted a line in the unattended install template to copy the drives over to the LDDriverStore Folder. Even when the drivers are there they show up in device manager as having no driver installed so for some reason during the install it doesn't look like this path is being checked for drivers.


                I'm not sure if there is a mini setup that runs as we are doing an unattended build rather than deploying an image to the machines.


                Next step to try will be to edit the unattend.xml file to make sure the LDDriverStore path is searched for drivers.


                I'll keep you posted.......



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                  bnelson Employee

                  The Dell Wireless LAN Card Network Tray Applet isn't part of the image is it? I ask because there is a known issue with this applet being installed prior to the drivers.

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                    Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                    My apologies for the blatant plug, but we as Axle-IT, LANDesk Gold partner ESP for the Netherlands, have developed our own HII tool that supports driverlibraries based on hardwaremodel with seperate driver stores for XP and Win7, Intel SATA indepency for XP and Win7, HAL independency for XP and support for Setup.exe based drivers. All in a very simple and straightforward way to implement. We used to offer this only to our own customers, but with all SP3 troubles concerning HII, we have decided to also make this available to others for a really minimal license fee. Contact me directly for more info or a demo.


                    As I write this, Im deploying a Dell Latitude E6410 WITH the Mobile Broadband driver and the tool to control it


                    Blatant plug finished



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                      Following the advice from Jeremy I have altered the template to copy the required drivers to the LDDriverStore Folder without any success. The drivers are copied over but the hardware remained driverless.


                      Out of curiosity I copied the same drivers over to the C:\Windows\Inf folder and success, the devices are installed, no idea why the LDDriverStore was not checked but its seems to be working so I'm happy.