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    Authentication Issues running software from source in NT Domain?



      I've come accross a relatively interesting issue when trying to deploy a package via UNC in an NT Domain:



      Set up a UNC share on a Windows 2000 server, which is running in compatability mode since they are an NT 4.0 Domain (this means we can't add domain computers in the security group).  Gave domain users read and execute permissions on the directory and full access through share, and even shared the directory via HTTP.



      It's required that I push this package via RUN FROM SOURCE, which means it needs to be UNC.  I have deployed the package to approximately 28 of 30 machines, but the other two fail with 'access denied' errors.  To circumvent using the localsystem account from the workstation, I've used the setting to use the user credentials rather than localsystem (although I think this is only to execute the package, not to obtain it).  All of the machines are on the domain, connected using NT domain users and they are logged in with access to the share.  If I spawn a remote control session and use the top execute pane from the remote control window to launch cmd (which will open the command window under localsystem context), and try to map to the share it asks for credentials (which is expected).  If I go to start\run\cmd, which spawns the command prompt as the user and do the same, it goes straight through.  It has worked on other machines using the same build and configured essentially the same.



      Does anyone have any ideas on what else I'd check to identify the root cause?  If I push the package via download from source via HTTP, it works fine.  Download from source from UNC however fails as well.