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    WinPE NIC drivers PXE boot issue LDMS v9 SP3


      Hi all,


      We have recently purchased some new systems. These have a newer NIC card and driver in them than the ones currently in our boot.wim file.


      I have extracted from the relevant systems and added to the drivers in WinPE in the LDMS. However when I PXE boot the new deivces and try to capture them WinPE fails to boot to the NIC and contact LD.


      The WinPE process and driver list shows the new driver added but then just sits at the 'waiting for IP address.......' and has an IP of local loopback.


      Also, the 'pending' task status just sits at the 'waiting' stage and does not go to 'pending' as I think it should.....


      The task fails to run and the PXE boot attempt does not contact our Core to capture.


      The reason I was trying to capture is to test and check the drivers so I can use HII. However the Provisioning / HII Task and a Capture Task both fail.


      It was quite straight forward in SP2! :-(