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    Last application launches, last usage?


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to generate a report where it'll show me these attributes (for Microsoft Visio):

      - Last launch date      (Software -> Package -> Last Started)

      - Last duration           (Software -> Package -> Last Duration)

      - Total launches        (Software -> Package -> Times Run)

      - Total usage             (Software -> Package -> Duration)


      * i tried getting the data from query as shown in the brackets, but it doesnt work well (same computer having like 200+ entries)


      May I know which query should I go for to get these values?

      also, is it possible to generate reports like daily or monthly usage of a specific software (MS Visio, MS Excel for example -- total launches and duration)?








      EDIT: added screenshot of what query I used and the Machine Components I choose.. & pic 002 is the result of duplicate entries




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          Simon Ma Employee

          Hello Jo,


          I look at your Screenshot (001.jpg) and your issue came from your query.


          Your query look in "Software"."Add Or Remove Program"."Program"."Name", but for the column result, you are looking in "Software"."Package"."..."

          In this case, your query means that for any computer which have MS Visio in Add Or Remove Program, you want to report any usage for every products on these computers...

          That explain why your get more than 200 entries by computer...


          The query should use the Package field : "Software"."Package".Name" = "Microsoft Office Visio" for instance.



          Today, we don't have any usage data on daily or monthly basic....

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            Hello Simon,


            Thanks, got that query right and no more dup entries.. however, it does not stat which Visio it is (2007/2010?).

            Is there a way other than "Package" to get these values: Last launch date/Last duration/Total launches/Total usage ?


            FYI, I need these info:

            Computer . Custom Data . Asset Number
            Computer . Custom Data . Employee ID
            Computer . Full Name
            Computer . Primary Owner
            Computer . Login Name
            Computer . Device Name
            Computer . Domain Name
            Computer . LDAP User . Title
            Computer . LDAP USer . Manager
            Computer . LDAP User . Telephone Number
            Computer . BIOS . Serial Number
            Computer . Software . Package . Last Started
            Computer . Software . Package . Last Duration
            Computer . Software . Package . Times Run

            Computer . Software . Package . Total Duration

            Computer . Software . Add or Remove Programs . Program . Name (?)

            Computer . Software . Application Suites . Application Suite . Name (?)
            Computer . Software . Package . Title (?)


            *the name in blue: don't know which to use but I need atleast one to show what software name (example MS Visio 2007, MS Visio 2010); If I choose "Package" . "Title" it will only show as "Microsoft Visio", select the other 2 will give me 200+ entries again (seems like it's showing all the program installed on that particular computer)


            PS: FYI, I was assigned to monitor employees  certain software usage on monthly basis. Since LANDesk could not generate a monthly report on usage, I'm willing to calculate the usage manually (i.e 1st May total usage MINUS 1st April total usage). However I need to get this report to be generated out accurately and without problem.

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              Simon Ma Employee



              To avoid to have 200+ entries, you need to choose only fields on Package section (keep the same section of the query)


              So if you want to know which version of Visio is it, you can just add the version of the package... (Computer . Software . Package . Version).

              If the version is :

              •      11.x.xxxx : it is a 2003
              •      12.x.xxxx : it is a 2007
              •      14.x.xxxx : it is a 2010

              For the name of tha package, you can choose Computer . Software . Package . Name



              Concerning the usage on monthly basic, I'm not sure how you plan to do it, but the 2 options I can see right now are:

              • Log / Audit the fields :
                  • Computer . Software . Package . Total Duration
                  • Computer . Software . Package . Last Sarted

              and sum the total time using based on date (between 1st May and 1st April)


              • Reset every month, the usage data (functionnality available in SLM console).



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                hi simon,


                works good.. thanks alot!



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                  Hi all,


                  I've done according to simon's suggestion,reports work good but the reset part isnt


                  See the attached screenshot.


                  Only allowed to select up to 10 devices at once! You can see the scroll bar is sooo tiny I have to repeat over and over for hundreds of times

                  Is there a better way to do this? (reset usage)




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                    Hello, I'm trying to run a similar queries on Landesk Management v.9.0


                    I want to get a query export showing the sum of one workstation total last start within a 2 weeks time frame in one line.

                    Instead of getting 200+ lines entries of the same workstation.

                    I been messing with this all day, couldn't figure out a way.

                    Our infrastructure has about 380 PCs that has the application.

                    The cvs export report shows the total of 23983 entries of bunch of duplications.




                    Please help!!! I need a resolution asap...



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                      Simon Ma Employee

                      Hello thho,


                      Your current query is set up to show you all the "Last Time date" and "Time Run" for every packages on computers  having STAR Navigator 17 and Windows XP Pro.... that's why you have so many output lines.


                      If you want to get the "Last Time Date" and "Time Run" only for STAR Navigator 17, you need to specify which package to look for.

                      In the quey window, in the "Select Columns" section, you need to setup a qualifier for the "Last Time Date" and "Time Run", where you specify which package to look for.

                      Sans titre.png




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                        Thank you, you save my day!