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    Automatic Gateway Switching post LD9 SP3 agents

    jabramson Apprentice

      If the SP3 update which added automatic gateway switching is giving you problems such as switching the device from LAN to Gateway and it should not, please go look at the following ER. http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/2705#comment-16282


      Ever since SP3, devices on my LAN like PCs are switching to gateway mode for some odd reason that I have yet to have discovered why it can't see the core. But when I manually switch them back to LAN, they will stay there for many. But some will switch back to Gateway mode automatically eventually.


      This is not an issue of the agent being already set into gateway mode when the agent is updated and the /b on the issuser.exe service. It seems as if it is the new functionality.


      So if this is bugging you, please vote on the ER for a change in this feature that does something like:

      • It may need to give multiple checks over a time period before the switch.
      • A criteria in the agent such as blocking this ability for certain devices or agent.
      • Another possible resolution is to have it check later for connection to core and if it can, it changes it back to LAN.