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    Move SDMCache from MDR to new MDR






      Is it possible to move the SDMCache from one server to a new server without having to cache everything again. So without loosing all hash and purge history of the files?



      I'm asking this because I replaced a MDR Server with a new MDR server on a remote site. The cache is having several GB's on files,so it should be nice if it is possible to move the cache. 






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          If you export the following registry value



          hklm\software\intel\landesk\ldwm\distribution\muticast\cache files






          That should save your  history.



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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Alternatively, you can just do the following.


            1 - Stop the Targeted Multicast Service on the "new MDR".

            2 - Copy the SDMCACHE structure from "old MDR" -> "new MDR".

            3 - Make sure the discard period is set to what you want it to be (default is 48 hrs, so you may want to change the default). This is set in the registry here:



            You'll find the "Discard Period" here - that's the # of seconds that we'll retain new files. (in seconds). Again - default is 48 hours.


            4 - Once you've fixed things as you want them to be (don't go entirely overboard with the discard period please ) - just start the Multicast client on "the new MDR".


            It'll scan the SDMCACHE directory (and subdirectories) for new files, and add them to its registry with the default discard period.


            Saves exporting + importing registry keys (though you'd need to restart the TMC-service either way).


            Simple :).


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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              Thanks for your help!