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    Win 7 and logon.scr


      Not sure if anyone else has run into this, we have GPO to force screensaver and lock workstation after 15 minutes of inactivity.  For Win XP and server 03 this worked fine, it would go to screensaver (basically the windows logo bouncing around the screen).  Microsoft has taken this out of Win 7 / server 08r2, now they recommend using scrnsaver.scr instead (this is a blank black window).  The other thing is that all the stock Win 7 screensavers require Direct X 9, if it is not there, then it displays an error message on the screen (causing the users and help desk to panic and reimage the pc instead of just rebooting it).


      Long story short in our tests the users don't know if their pc is on or not and tap and/or hold down the power button, thus shutting off their pc's, then have to power them up.  We have opened a case with Microsoft, not much help.  Anyone just wondering if anyone else has run into this?

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          I changed the power settings on my base image to lock the screen saver after fifteen minutes then added a reg entry:





          Where the X's are my company name.


          It doesn't work on the image because there are no video drivers. But, once a fresh machine is built, it goes into lock mode and displays my company name bouncing around.