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    Cannot resolve core server name %mycoreserver% ONLY on gigabit subnets


      So we have two main subnets: 10.1.x.x (10/100) and 10.3.x.x (gigabit).


      As of two days ago pxe booting will only work on the 10/100 subnet. It works perfectly as expected.


      Whenever we try to image from the other subnet we cannot resolve the core. Now, according to our network admins nothing has changed in the networking environment nor have any changes been made to the core server that holds the image. I have trolled through the forums here and seen that many people have had a similar issue, but the failure seems to be either all or none.

      I ran the .pxe removal script from all reps, rebooted them and redeployed the rep and the problem still exists. I'm at my wits end and just tossing out a lifeline now. Any info would be supremely appreciated. Thanks.