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    Reporting on Software installed




      I am trying to run 2 reports in relation to Software on our PCs.  One which I can do but a bit arduous is a report on all PCs that have "Approved" software installed.  I am currently running this using a query whereby I am manually adding all relevant packages that are related to "Approved" software.  However as I am manually adding the package into the query once a new "Approved" software comes online there is no guarantee the report will be valid.

      Eventually - My question is.   Is there a way of tagging the relevant software packages to say, for example, "Approved" and then from a reporting perspective we can runa  report on that <field> which will automatically return all packages defines as "Approved"

      This will help my second report which is a report on all other software installed on machines outside of the "Approved" list.

      A bit long winded I know but can some-one help......

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



          Unfortunately there is no magic way to sort this for reporting. The idea of 'tagging' a package as approved makes sense, but there still needs to be a master list defining what is approved. Where do you keep this list? There are ways of linking to that list for use but nothing built into the product.


          You could use the SLM module to decide to monitor applications that you class as Approved and this would be a simple place to go to run reports rather than having to manually update a query.


          As for 'unauthorised' software, that is harder since unless you go through a process of categorising what is interesting/not interesting then there will be large amounts of data that you wouldn't want to see. This means you need an ongoing process to keep this up to date.


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            zman Master

            As Mark indicated not easy. I've asked the SLAM engineers to consider making a change that would allow us to "mark" applications as approved/authorized in SLM.  This would allow us to show what machines have the most drift from the corporate image, etc...  Not sure this is going anywhere, and I completely tired of putting ERs (not that they don't work, just exhausted right now).  So if anyone wants to jam in an ER I will vote.  Basically what I informed them, was:


            • Ability in the SLAM console to uniquely identify installed application discovered by SLAM as Authorized Corporate Applications, Games, Unauthorized, etc... Left the semantics up to them. Would like to create groups of licensed approved apps (mobile device 1 - contains these authorized apps, etc...)  Link these groups to device types  (one to many)
            • Business case:
              • Want to be able to identify and quantify application installation/licensing drift from a corporate standard.
                • Reason Licensing compliance
                • Reason My theory that devices with the most drift will likely have a higher TCO (non scientific).



            I have posted some sql queries here that list all software etc that may give you a base for quereies. If you email me I will send them to you david.j.zubrowski_AT_constellation.com