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    Pulling out Adobe Acrobat License Codes?


      Instead of waking this old thread from the dead I will post a link:



      Basically I too want to pull Adobe Acrobat individual codes out of the PC's that have it.  My guess is LANDesk still doesn't have the ability to tell me that.  I'm thinking of Belarc advisor... i've tried to find how this program can discover the Adobe Acrobat codes, and it has to exist because it can pull them.  If it can, then whatever it pulls it from why can't we get landesk to? 


      I guess worst case I could get some belarc advisor down and run it on the PC and get it to dump the data somewhere and then parse it out... that's just a lot of trouble, so I hope management doesn't ask for that level of info if it can't be easier.




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          if you find where the information is stored then you can integrate this information with LANDesk inventory.

          Our Inventory scanner is not meant to detect activation codes of installed software but if you find a way with an executable, a batch or if this information is stored in the registry it is possible to grab this information and store it in a custom data field in the inventory.

          This article describes how to extend the inventory scanner capabilities:




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