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    patch manager doesn't update clients to SP3


      Has anyone managed to get patch manager to reliably update SP2 clients to SP3 yet?


      I rolled out SP3 on my core 5 days ago and immediately told patch manager to include the client and console SP3 patches in the COMPLIANCE group with AUTOFIX enabled.


      After many days here is the breakdown from the patch manager STATUS window for the Landesk-supplied SP3 client patch


      I've had 436 computers detect the need for SP3

      61 have reported as repaired

      369 report a failed repair

      -there are almost another 300 which were scanned that don't detect the need for the patch for some reason; not sure why...


      Anyway, the overwhelming repair failures are the target of this post.


      The HISTORY tab shows that all of the failures report "Install (failed while running commands)"


      If I had to guess I would say that most if not all of our XP machines succeed while most if not all of our Win7 machines fail.


      I'm not sure what to do next.  I've got a Landesk product that can't seem to patch itself with landesk-supplied instructions.


      The only idea I have is that maybe there is something messy in the patch settings that the clients use...though I don't know what it would be.

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          We updated our Core to SP3 last month. I rolled out SP3 agents using a SD task not patch manager. I had two issues that I dealt with when I updated workstation to SP3. I had a number of machines where it would not install and then I have a number of machines that installed SP3 but the inventory database never updated.


          The two common fixes I had to do.


          • For the machines that would not install the SP3 update. I had to uninstall the landesk agent with the /forceclean option. Then reinstall the agent through undiscovered devices or using psexec to execute the process remotely.
          • For the machines that had SP3 but was not reporting back to the inventory database properly. I had to delete the device out of landesk and schedule a inventory task on the workstation to execute. by going into \\targetmachine and into the scheduled task folder. I verified they were at SP3 by doing a remote regedit and going to HKLM\Software\Landesk\Winclient


          • Fortunately I did not have that many that I had to do. But for some it was a painful process to fix the broken ones. We had roughly 3600 devices to deploy SP3 to. The rollout took about two weeks.
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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            I have been told (by our TAM and other in LANDesk) that because of a few key components that are not able to "patch" that pushing out new agents is the best way to get to SP3