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    Policy has been made. Status is waiting


      Problem: When deploying a software distrobution package you get the message "Policy has been made" and the status of the device will be waiting.


      Solution: To resolve the issue follow these steps in order to see if it corrects the problem.


      • Put the device into a policy sync task and wait for it to finish. Sometimes this will kick off your Software distribution job to the machine.
      • Run a full sync scan on the device to update it's inventory. Repush the SD task to the device.
      • If the above two methods do not fix the issue then you will need to uninstall the landesk agent off the machine and reinstall it.


      Procedure I use to uninstall and reinstall the landesk agent remotely on the device.

      **Do not reinstall the Landesk Agent if you have your agent package built for the Landesk Mirror driver. This will more than likely cause issues if you try and reinstall it remotely by using RDP.**


      Tools Required: PSTools - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896649


      • Download and unzip PSTools to a local file location on the computer
      • Copy the uninstallwinclient.exe that you have to remove landesk agents. Copy it to the remote pc you are having problems with.
      • Run psexec to execute the uninstallwinclient.exe process from a command prompt window. I use the following syntax for client removal.


      psexec.exe -s \\targetmachine c:\temp\uninstallwinclient.exe /forceclean


      If you get Error Code 0 It means the process has completed successfully.


      Be careful running the forceclean option. In some environments landesk shares dll's with other programs. Also this will reboot the client workstation. If you do not want that to happen then use the /noreboot option. The optional -s on psexec.exe runs the remote process in the system account. Always do this especially if your users typically run in least privilaged accounts.


      • After reboot push out the agent by using undiscovered devices or by psexec.exe. Both work fine. If you use psexec you will want to copy your entire agent executable first. Be aware of bandwidth limitations to WAN sites if you copy the entire agent out to a machine.
      • I use the following syntax if installed the agent using psexec.exe:


      psexec.exe -s \\targetmachine c:\temp\SP3Agent.exe


      If you get Error Code 0 It means the process has completd successfully.