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    Competition: fastest deployment of Windows



      OK, it' not a real competition. But in the end I think all of us would like to reduce the time our customers aren't able to work because of PC re-installation. So, how can this time reduced to a minimum? What do we have to do to achieve this?



      Every "competition" needs rules - here are ours:



      1) You can put Windows XP or Vista on the device - you have to state which Windows path you follow, because we can't compare apples and oranges



      2)  The choosen options during Windows installation should be close to default or at least do not harm functionality (just for the sake to "win" this competition) or make the installation differ in size to a noticeable extend



      3) Other applications should be left out: no Office, etc. in the image  - just plain Windows



      4) Microsoft's sysprep facility should be used; if you provide the same functionality by a different product, please state clearly



      5) The image and OS deployment process shoul be HII (meaning you can't avoid the PNP during mini-setup, but you can reduce drivers to the max (tell us how)) - please read





      6) Times have to be given



      7) The times have to be divided into Win PE boot time (no I won't deny DOS - but good luck with your times;-), image transfer, Windows mini setup and overall from booting into PE (turning on the PC) 'til you get "Press CtrlAltDel to logon" (but before logon)



      8) Deployment should be done via PXE boot and network . If you are using a vboot partition please try to avoid it. If you are using a second harddisk partition (or the like) to get the image from please state clearly



      9) Network should be 100 Mb/s. Please note clearly if using 1 Gb/s. The installed device should be consuming the end-user LAN-Port alone, not sharing bandwith, assuming the bandwith of the backbone will never be exhausted



      10)  Provide us with all functionality (programms like LDMS client as I do) your process includes up to  "Press CtrlAltDel to logon" for some might install LDMS, etc. through auto-logon after "Press CtrlAltDel to logon" - but remember: stay as close as possible to a plain vanilla Windows and provide times for extra things as far as measurable.






      Other recommendations: do this competition off-hours (evening, weekend, bank holiday) , give LDMS version and evironment (database, package/image server), give client details (x86, 33MHz, Core256Octo 1THz, VM  on ESX having x Mhz and y RAM available) and: do not cheat - there is no prize (yet!). The process should be compliant with Microsofts rules for sysprepped images (also true, if you are not using sysprep, but the your tools vendor says it is MS compliant)




      Let us be the fastest deployment on IT world )