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    SD_###.TMP Files filling C: Drive

    jpozucek Apprentice

      We've been getting serveral occurance where a SD_###.tmp file has been growing uncheck in the client's ..\LANDesk\LDClient\Data directory and filling the c: drive. In one case I had a file SD_EAP.TMP take over 190 GB of space.  They seem to come back also,  I've had to remove a TMP file from the same device on more that one occassion, though it may have been a different name.


      I am not sure what these files are for or why they grow uncontrolled. Are they associated with patch management?  There are no active Software Distribution tasks running that I could determine.


      It seemed to coincide with installing the agents on the devices and migrating them to a new domain.


      I have uninstalled the agent from these devices pending a resolution.


      Any help would be appreciated.