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    Software distribution scheduled tasks.

    bwallace Apprentice

      I have several applications I'd like to present to the users as install on demand. Ideally I'd like them to show on all managed computers all the time, and others I'd like to present to specific LDAP groups all the time. I have applications I'd like to have presented in the LaunchPad so that they deploy when clicked and some that I'd like to present in the software distribution portal (sdp). If I set these up and associate an LDAP query, do I need to schedule the task to be reoccuring so that the link is distributed to computers that may be off when the original task was run, or will it automatically push the links out when the computer finally comes on line?

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          I do not use the launch pad piece, but for software applications, create the task and use or create a delivery method that is a Policy and the set it as shown in the image below...


          I would set the "reboot" to NEVER


          This will put the item in the Desktop Manager / Software Portal


          You would then create queries that target the machines you want to get policy and drag the query, not the result of the query to the task



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            bwallace Apprentice

            @James Marriott - Thanks for your response, I have an unanswered question regarding the deployment portal...


            Do I only have to schedule the task once and it will apply to all the computers in the query, even if they are not on at the moment, or do I need to set the task as reoccuring so that it will push the policy out to the computer when the computer is online?

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              If you set to Policy and as I have shown in the image you only need to start it once.  Computers that are not on (or even if they are on) will check for policies at once a day by default, that time can be altered in the agent config. settings, and when they check in, they will get the policy.


              If the user opens the Desktop Manager / Software Portal, that too will cause the system to check for new polciies and they will get it then.



              That is also a way to quickly test for you, is to apply the policy to a test box, start it, wait about 60 seconds and then run the portal on the end system.



              We make our standard applications available for our users this way.

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                bwallace Apprentice

                And if the query changes, it will atomatically add/remove the policy from the computers newly added/removed from teh query I am assuming?

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                  mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                  correct, though it will not remove existing installations. (though through some work you can do that too)



                  Something you do need to know or it will drive you nuts during your testing....



                  Your queries will "resolve" (aka run / refresh) about once an hour behind the scenes, so if a new system that's fits that query enters your core, it may not get the policies for about an hour.


                  If you double click the query manually, this will refresh it immediately.  So for testing, that is what I do.


                  Another thing is, I cannot recall the details, but ldap info does NOT update as often, so if you have a query pointing to ldap attributes and a new systems comes online, it might be longer before it gets the queries.


                  In reality this is not much of a problem as it does happen "x" number of times a day, so your systems will get it, it will just not be immediately

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                    bwallace Apprentice

                    Thanks a bunch for the help. Much appreciated.