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    How do I remove a device from the Console?


      Hi, I've removed a device from my network, but it's still appearing in the LANDesk monitor we use. I've looked in the database and there are hundreds of entries for the device (some with triggers) making it difficult to remove. Is there a known method for removing a device from LANDesk? Thanks

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          Within the console, all one needs to do to remove a device from the system is simply highlight the device in the right hand frame and hit the delete key. You'll be prompted for confirmation. The device does need to be selected from either "All devices" or from a query that calls it up, and not a "Group" container. If you delete a device from within a group container it doesn't actually remove the record. It just removes the reference of the device from that group.


          Hope that helps!

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            Any way to build a query where it reports duplicated pc names in the database?  I am trying to keep up with pc replacements in the environment, but in the event I am not notified & a duplicated name shows up after the old pc is replaced, it would help to have this report so I can easil find & remove outdated devices...

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              Catalysttgj Expert

              The only thing that is built-in is found in the console under the "configure" menu, under "services" menu item, and under the "inventory" tab. You'll see two buttons to the right of "Manage duplicates". You basically have only three possible choices. Study up on what all this does. You might figure out something more clever for your environment, but be careful with these settings as you could lay waste to your inventory!


              We had a similar type of problem with duplicate devices. The issue revolving around MAC address changes concerning motherboard swaps and then the name of the machine not staying the same as it was before the mobo swap. (ie.. typos or just leaving the computer with a random name and not bothering to change its name to what it was supposed to be.) The other problem we have with MAC address relating to the fact that some hardware devices such as aircards do not have unique mac addesses at all, so we CAN NOT use the "manage duplicates" removal of matching mac address checkbox. All we can rely on is name only unfortunately because of this. Because of the inconsistency with the MAC address being unique I had to come up with an SQL query solution that populates an added field to the database that we called "Built-in NIC", and basically what it does is insert the motherboard NIC address into this field for each device, instead of the "in use" mac address that the inventory scanner selects each time of scan. This way its always a trully unique address, and then i can use another query to pinpoint any duplicates that might exist and deal with them that way. A bit of work though and way out of the box. I had to expand the DB schema to pull this off.