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    Issue with Advanced Conditions in 7.3


      I'm having an issue with a criteria in a query. What I'm trying to do is have criteria as below:


      1. Creation Date is Between Dates - Set to prompt user for a value.

      2. Third Party Company is Not NULL.

      3. Third Party Company 2 is Not NULL


      The advanced criteria is set to 1 AND (2 OR 3)


      This works perfectly as long as the Creation Date is a defined value and not set to "Prompt User". If it's set to prompt user the results that are given are the same as if I removed the brackets, 1 AND 2 OR 3.


      Does anyone know if this is a bug in 7.3 or if there is something I am doing wrong? I would expect to be able to prompt users to enter the values as 9 out of 10 queries we use require a User-Defined Creation Date and this one needs the same.


      Many Thanks,


      Tony Mitchell

      The AA

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          Hi Tony


          Not solving the problem here, but perhaps a workaround - if the brackets are being ignored, is it possible to expand the boolean algebra manually and have your advanced criteria set as 1 AND 2 OR 1 AND 3?


          Note - I haven't tried this and so am not sure if it allows the one criterion to be used multiple times...





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            Thanks for the suggestion, it doesn't like referring to the same criteria twice, that made it very cranky However, using the former method of adding Creation Date in twice and having a second AND statement seemed to work okay as a workaround. Not ideal as it defies the point of the the advanced criteria tool but it will suffice for now. Anyone from LANDesk aware of this issue or has it been reported before?


            Many Thanks,


            Tony Mitchell