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    Cannot drag items to OS Deployment Area




      For the last few weeks, we cannot drag any items down to the OS deployment section.  We have tried on multiple workstations with the LD Management Suite installed.  All have the same problem.  We get the circle with line through it icon instead.


      I am wondering if it has to do with the Core Server activation that we ran a few weeks ago.  We don't image very often but I cannot image anything right now.


      Could this have to do with the number of devices vs the license count we have?  That is the only thing I can think of but I don't want to start removing devices that are no longer around, and wasiting that time if it isn't needed.




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          If I am reading it correctly, you are saying you are trying to drag a workstation into the OS deployment tab to try and image it? If that's the case then what you need to do it right click the os deployment you want and choose 'schedule task'. Then you can drag the machines you wish to run into the scheduled task that was created on a separate tab. Then right click the scheduled task name and choose 'start now', or schedule it for a later time under the 'properties' option if you so choose.


          Also, as a side note, as far as your 'old machines' in your database go.. You can tell the server to automatically purge machines from the database that have not commicated to the core in a specified time frame. Check out this link for more info : http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1188

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            Thank you for the response.  I was starting to think no one was seeing this.  In any case, yes you are reading correctly.  We cannot drag items down there to the OSD section to image them.  I also cannot right-click and choose Schedule Task.  It is not an option in that right-click menu:


            17-04-2012 7-31-13 AM.jpg


            In the OSD section there is no Schedule Task option.


            And thanks for how to remove old items.  I will set that up as well.


            Becuase of this I cannot schedule any images.  I can still pull them manually using the PXE Provisioning when booting in PXE mode.  The images are there and they will pull but this is really only helpful for a small amount.  I got about 400 machines to image and I don't want to manually boot each one and select an image from the menu.  I'd like to drop them into Bare Metal and schedule it so they can just boot.


            Thanks for your help


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              Looking at the image you attached, it looks like those tasks are public provisioning tasks and not OSD scripts. --They both are in the OSD Section.


              Could your issues be permission related? Are you using Role-based administration?

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                Yes they are Public Provisioning tasks you are correct.  I meant the whole OSD section.  We have really never used OSD scripts. 


                Permission related - It shouldn't be this as I have administrator powers on this system and have always had that.  I also could do it before (for the last year) and just recently I cannot.  I also had another administrator try and he has the same problem.

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                  Which Service Pack are you using?

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                    If you are using SP2, you may need to re-validate your WinPE license.

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                      Not sure how to check that.  The problem we have is we had a LANDesk contractor come in and set this all up for us but he gave us very limited information.  He showed us how to use it to capture inventory, deploy images but not a whole lot else.  So far we haven't needed the rest.  we will soon I'm sure.


                      Not sure how to do updates, or if we can just install patches on the server without affecting the workstations. 


                      Any advice would help.  Thanks

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                        You can check whic version you are using by clicking on the Help > About Landesk Management Suite this will show you the version you are using.


                        To re-validate your WinPE in the OSD section click the icon highlighted below. You will need the WAIK software for the version of Windows you are using.



                        Windows 7 AIK - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5753


                        SP 3 for LANDesk does not require WinPE validation.

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                          My console is on  Console on the core server is the same version number.


                          Can we just upgrade?  Should we always upgrade the consoles?


                          We only have two users that use the Management Suite console.  The rest currently use the web-based system for locating machines.  We don't do any software installation or anythign like that yet.  Really only for inventory at the current time.


                          However, the two admins - we use it for imaging and such.

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                            Upgrading is never a "simple" process. This page will help you to evaluate upgrading. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24538


                            here is another document with information on upgrading/installing http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7423


                            It may be better for you situation to just reactivate WinPe.


                            You can download the WAIK iso from the previous post http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5753 and install on computer with LD Console installed to validate the WinPE.


                            If I remember correctly, when you validate, you will need to browse to the WAIK folder on the local machine.


                            Hope this helps.

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                              That version number should mean you are running service pack two, in which case the WAIK install and validaition of OS Deployment is probably your issue as previously stated. You could either do that or upgrade to SP3 which elimates the need for the WAIK installation and also makes a lot of changes to make Hardware independent imaging easier if you have any interest in that. I would reccomend doing your homework on the new HII though because some users are experiencing problems with it installing the wrong drivers on particular machines.


                              As far as how you do the upgrade, there are instructions with the patches/service packs but the basic gist is you back up your database, upgrade the core server (close down management suite first of course), then upgrade any remote consoles.