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    It's not shown device in "All device"


      I'm new in LANDesk installation and i've some problem after i deployed agent to my devices. When i deployed agent configuration to that devices ,It's not shown the devices in Network View->Devices -> All devices. What 's wrong?

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          SuperMan SupportEmployee

          By default in the agent configuration the option "Perform full inventory scan during installation" is checked. So firstly check to make sure it is selected in your configuration.


          Other possible cause would be:

          1. The LANDesk Inventory Server Service stopped.

          2. The inventory server service failed to process the scan file from that client, the error is logged to the Windows application log.

          3. The client can not resolve the core server name if host name is used in the agent configuration. So the inventory scan will fail due to unable find core server.

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            It's still contain in "Pending unmanged client deployments"  all of devices that i discovered.



            Could anyone help me,please?



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              The "simple" reason is because the Core did not process a full inventory from the client so far - only when it does that, will the device be moved to "all devices".


              Now - there's a couple of reasons why the Core may not have processed inventory for that device.

              - The Inventory Service is stopped (most common).

              - The Inventory Scan from the client was rejected (because a field was too long or something like that)


              For the above two, you want to check the Core's NT Event - Application log, and look for any errors from the LANDesk Inventory Service.


              Once you've checked that the Inventory Service is fine and running, go to the client and do the following

              1. Copy the "Inventory Scan" to the desktop from the LANDesk management shortcut.

              2. Go into the properties of the shortcut

              3. In the "Target" field add the following string /.command-line switches:


              /F /SYNC



              This will do the following.

              "/F" -- Forces a software scan.

              "/SYNC" - forces the sending of a full synchronisation scan (mainly so that we don't send a delta scan when the Core is still in need of a full scan).


              Since the scanner is running verbose, if there's an error (on the scanner side) you'll see it.


              If there's no errors here, go back to the Core and check the NT Event Application log - see if you get any entries from the Inventory Service there (usually those are Error type 4100's).


              If the Inventory Scan gets rejected, it'd be advisable to contact your regional LANDesk support with a copy of your Core's NT Event Application log so that we can try to help you.


              Also - it'd help knowing what version you use / what service pack you're on.




              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                I found the NT event Application following my attached file. Now I used LANDesk Management Suite ,no service pack.






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                  I found the new problem that i try to deploy agent manually and when i finished,i clicked "All devices or  Public devices" and



                  it  errored "Connection failed : Object reference not set to an instance of an object ".Could anyone  help me,please?






                  Thanks very much.



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                    SuperMan SupportEmployee

                    You need to look into console.exe.log which locates under \ldmain share on the core if you got this problem on the core console.

                    Also I would suggest you to start a new thread since this is a new issue.

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                      I'll post the new problem in the new issue but the old problem's still happend. It's not show in All Devices. I checked Inventory services is running  and it's not rejected when i forced following command at client. I used the LDMS 8.8 trial version for 45 days activation. Could anyone please help me?