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    LANDesk store hardware UUID of Mac?


      Does LANDesk store the hardware UUID of Macs? 


      I can't seem to find it unless I overlooked something. Has anyone wrote a custom data script that will put it in inventory?

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          Sort of answered my own question. I wrote a shell script to add the Hardware UUID to Custom Data in inventory.  I figured I would post it since it might be useful for someone else.


          We were using this to look for infections of OSX/Flashback malware that has infected lots of Macs.





          # This script gets the Hardware UUID of the Mac and
          # inserts it into Custom Data inventory for LANEDesk
          # Michael MacDonald
          # 04/11/2012
          plistFile="/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data/ldscan.core.data"
          UUID=$(system_profiler | grep 'Hardware UUID' | awk '{print $3}')
          defaults write "$plistFile" "Custom Data - Mac - UUID" "$UUID"
          # fix plist file permissions
          chmod 644 /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/data/ldscan.core.data.plist
          chown root:admin /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/data/ldscan.core.data.plist