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    custom data on clients in a .xml file



      Hi Community



      Hopefully you can help me out here. We are using LD 8.8 in a mixed Win/Linux environment and i am trying to put some custom data into our inventory under custom forms. After reading a lot, it came to my attention, that there is a possibility (at least for Mac, LANDesk agent for Mac Custom Data by James Hill Rev. 1.0, Feb 1, 2007) with an xml file that will be parsed each time the inventory scanner is running and data is sent back to the Core Server. Sent data are then available for viewing in the Inventory Page of each managed device. There is another possibility to add regkeys and read them out by ldappl3. But I don't want to play around with our production environment and local IT staff in our subsidiaries should be able to add country specific information too in that file, which are relevant for them. Also I don't want to use custom data forms, because of the enduser, they only get confused with forms.



      My destiny is to create manually a ldcustom.xml file with information about Modell Type, CarePack, Department, Location and so on on each clients LanDesk Directory which then should also be parsed by the inventory scanner.



      Is there maybe a possiblity to tell ldcustom.ini file not only look for form files (*.frm), but to parse the .xml file? Thank you very much for some hints on how I can establish that task.



      Can this also be done on Linux (Suse) machines? And if, how?