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    Unable to resolve incidents




      I have set up an analyst on the system and every time they open an incident or service request some functions are unavailable to them; for instance if the analyst is to put a call with 3rd party or to resolve they are unable to see this.  However if the analyst is to view the calls within Web Desk - they are able to view these functions.


      The application has been re-installed and this hasn’t resolved the issue....are you able to confirm if something can be done to resolve this?



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          The first thing I'd be checking that they have the same role and group membership of an analyst that can successfully do the work.





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            Hi Paul,


            I have already checked that and the same groups / roles have been applied to the analyst... I converted them to an end user and back to an analyst.  The strange thing is that the analyst is able to view all of the actions via web desk however not via console….





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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              Permissions in the Web can be a little different from those of the Console.  Make sure that the Analyst does indeed have Analyst role and that their group is the correct one both under the "Groups" folder and that within their account they have their Primary Group set to one of the groups you have made them a member of.  A little confusing, but I've had that issue before.  Then make sure you have permissions applied to the Role and not a combination of the Role and the Group.