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    IP / Name mismatch...DNS problem?


      We're on LD v8.70.0.109.


      The last several months it seems we've had problems with LD preforming an inventory scan.  Which, it appears, has been due to the Inventory service needing to be stopped and restarted.  ( The first time I did this, I bumped the retry value to as high as it would go, if I recall correctly. )


      But one of the things I noticed back then, and see that we still have...is some sort of DNS issue.


      I thought that DNS was supposed to be automatically updated.  Yet our DNS server has multiple computer names associated with one IP address.  Not every machine, mind you, but some.  Some have two (2), some have three (3), and at least one I just saw has four (4).


      I also checked Reverse Lookup.  And the record that it had, had the correct computer name, with an address that didn't match ANY of the multiple address records.


      Consequently...I'm really confused.


      I went looking in this forum to see if anyone else was having a similar problem.  I found a discussion in Remote Control I believe it was, named: IP / Name mismatch.


      One of the things mentioned was making sure that the "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" checkbox was checked in Advanced of the TCP/IP properties.  I myself have always made sure that this was checked, and have assumed that my co-workers have done likewise.  But because I saw it mentioned, I asked one of my co-workers.  He said that he always does on a server, but hasn't necessarily been doing so on a client, because..."It's supposed to do it automatically.".


      The thread also mentioned about setting the agent to update the inventory db on an ip change, to keep the LD db current.  I've gone looking, but can't seem to find where I would do this in 8.7.  Perhaps it's only in 8.8?


      Is there a way to write a script so I could easily check all of our clients to see if the update DNS box has been checked?  All these bad DNS entries have me really concerned.  How do I fix my DNS?


      As usual, any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are welcome...thanks in advance.



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          It's very common for DNS to be inaccurate in a dynamic DHCP environment, for a lot of  reasons that probably aren't worth troubleshooting here. The quick answer is to go to Configure > Agent Discovery Options and either move DNS down in priority or turn it off; this is assuming you haven't turned off the "scan on ip address change" option in the agent.



          As far as keeping the inventory service alive, that's what ldms_status is for: http://www.droppedpackets.org/scripts/ldms_status



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            We (I) don't have the "scan on ip address change" method.  We have:


              IP Address

              Domain Name Service (DNS)


            which I have listed in the same order they are listed in the Agent Discovery Options window.  ( And they are both checked. )


            In fact, these are the only two visible.  Do I even have the "scan on ip address change" method?  How do I know?  How do I add it?  I went into help, but it didn't even mention the "scan on ip address change" method.

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              Scan On Ip Address change is specified as part of the Agent configuration, and is not under the Agent Discovery options. Start by unselecting DNS in the agent discovery choices and see if that helps , and then go into your Agent configuration options and check under the Inventory options to see what your options are setup for there.

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