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    Problem with Copying Related in WebDesk 7.3


      At present I have two drop down fields on my Incident Resolution window:


      Logged As Category

      Resolved As Category


      There is a rule set up on Incident to copy _LoggedAsCategory into _ResolvedAsCategory


      This rule does not seem to execute though as when I open the incident resolution window Logged As Category is populated and read only, but the Resolved As Category is blank.


      Copy Related is set to true on the Resolved As Category drop down.


      What is the purpose of the Copy To and Copy On attributes? I can't seem to find these in the help documentation.


      Any ideas?





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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          I tried long and hard a while back to get that to work, but without much success.  In later versions business copy rules seem to be more flexible.  With 7.3 I think you may find they only work on main process objects like Incident, Problem and so on.  Beware of Copy To as it is sort of what you need, but isn't supported in webdesk in later versions, but it allows you to copy the contents of one attribute to another.


          One method that does work is to have your resolved and logged categories as attributes on the incident window.  Then you create a windowless action called (say) Resolve Incident on the main Incident object.  Your process uses this action and the does an automatic resolve just after in the process.  The resolution details are then value type copied into the resolution action.  Because you are working on the incident process with these windowless actions, your copy settings/business window copy rules will work.

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            Thanks.  Strangely the Copy Related appears to be doing absolutely nothing.  I set the Copy Related to False and it still runs in WebDesk  Additionally I have unchecked the option to always run rule and it still runs in WebDesk.  The only way to stop the rule running is to delete it.  This seems very very strange behaviour. This goes against everything the docs say?

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              With the rule enabled it actually only works on WebDesk.  Within Console if I select a Logged as nothing happens to Resolved as.  Do I need to do IISRESET for these types of changes?