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    Windows Security Updates (patching).


      Dear All,


      I have been tasked with replacement of our WSUS system in favour of Landesk Management Suite 9.0. I have been playing with the Patch and Compliance feature for a while and although it looks it can do things better than WSUS, I'm struggling to make few things work. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with the following:


      1. I've created a OS specific groups under custom groups (Patch and Compliance) i.e. Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server etc. How can I populate those groups with patches applying only to those operating systems? I've tried filter but I still see security patches related to other software (office etc). I would like to be able to add only critical patches for the OS.

      2. Can I automatically add newly released patches to those custom folders?

      3. How can I download (Import) all the latest Microsoft Patches to Landesk. Do I need to schedule the download of the patches? I though Landesk would periodically check for updates and download them automatically.


      Any help would be appreciated.