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    Show change in task window




      I want to show information of the parent change of a task as a tab in the task window.


      Does anyone have a hint how to implement this?




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          MarcelloCentineo Specialist

          Hi Thomas,


          I would suggest to write a small calculation for this.

          Create a strig attribute, after read calculation, write the calcultion and use the new string field for your tab/filter on the task window.


          I did this already the other way to display a field from a task windows / business object to show on a tab on the main change window.


          Hope this helps


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            gramsay Specialist

            In console you could show a query based on Change Task with a criteria of Change Is Equal To Prompt User. For Webdesk you can do the same but with a filter with a criteria of Change Is Equal to the runtime value of Change.

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              Hi Thomas, not sure if you managed to get what you wanted, but if what you're after is a way of getting the parent request information while you are within the associated task (prior to 7.4, you could use the green "Go To Parent" arrow within console), then we got around this by dragging the Request object into Task and then putting the core object (Request) onto the Task window, making sure you change the label to Show Hyperlink as True - this should allow you to get to the information you need, I think!



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                Thank you all for your feedback


                My aim is to have a tab with information of the change like a collection of notes etc. So I want to have all the information in one window without switching between the windows.


                I think a query/filter would do this but I do not really like the output format of 'tab queries'


                I will try it later in the afternoon.