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    Customer feedback on tasks




      I am just looking for a way to get feedback from my customers if I need additional information to complete a task.


      I do not want to show my customers all the tasks I created based on their incident or change.

      Feedback by mail as a reply to a request mail seems not to work because the task ID is not unique.

      Feedback as a note added to the incident or change is not really visible for the analyst who handles just the task.


      Does anybody has an idea how to handle customer feedbacks to tasks?

      Does anybody use something like this?


      Thanks for a hint.



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          Other ideas will no doubt pop up, but how about an action on the task for the customer to give feedback and mail that out with a process approver link to a portal in the DMZ?  Your customer can then click on the link, add the comment and it would appear directly on the task.  You could also email the analyst that an update has been received.

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            Hi Dave,


            the approver link idea sounds interesting.

            Is it possible to click on this link and then the note window will appear directly for the end user so that he just has to enter his comment, click on save and forget it?

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              Pretty much - they get the email with a friendly please click here type of link.  When they do that they are taken to self service web site but directly to the process with the action you want them to carry out.  So they would see the task window you set up for them and they would have a single action to click on, say 'Add Comment'  This would open up a simple window, allow them to add the comment and they click save and the comment is added.  They are then left in the self service portal to review any other information you might want to display like noticeboards etc,

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                OK, I see. The task windows is always the entry point for the end user.

                I think that will work work for me.

                Thanks for your help, Dave.

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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi Thomas,


                  Following on from what Dave said you can also go straight to the action by having the right URL in the email.  If you go to the task manually and click the action take the URL you get and replace the Guid you see with {Guid} and put that in a Reminder in the task.  Technically you can go to any Web Access URL directly if you know the right format.


                  Other ideas would be to add a filter to the bottom of the Change or Incident window that lists the related tasks but with some criteria to only show the ones you want that user to see, based on the task process or any other defining feature.

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                    Hi Stu,


                    that is exactly what I was looking for

                    The end user clicks on the link and will be led directly to the notes window.


                    for any interested reader of this discussion, here is the solution for my problem:



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                      One note of caution (well 2 actually!).  In the past LANDesk have advised not 'constructing' these sorts of links because they might change from one release to the next.  Stu - any comments on that??  By using the process approver link you will always know it will work.


                      Secondly I've found that people don't always read the email with the details on it so they click and don't know what they are adding notes or comments too!  By letting them see the main process/task window you can present this information before they click the link.


                      Glad it all worked out

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                        I am trying the below link but getting business Invoke function error . I am using lDSD 7.4 version




                        Kindly advise. As My client requirement is to directly reach to the survey window through link

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                          If you are using the Mosaic sales kit then Andy Parker might be able to offer some specific advice on that.  I think guid needs to be Guid; all that stuff is case sensitive