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    Requested For V Requested By....


      Am I the only person who can't get my head around why these fields default the way they do...??



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          Hi Nic


          Ok this is from distant memory as we don’t use the catalogue the way it was designed, so please if anyone can confirm or tell me I’m talking rubbish please do


          When you load the Service Catalogue page “Requested For” appears at the top, this will contain the name of the user logged on and, if they are a manager, the people associated to them in LANDesk .  So selecting my staff member Joe Bloggs here, once you request a service Joe Bloggs will be populated for the Requested For (ie Raise User) and I think Requested By appears blank and you can choose from the list of users as it may not be you requesting the service for the person but someone else.


          When Lara explained it to me it made sense, not sure I’ve really conveyed that here!!


          But we had to do things ar&e about face.  As we didn’t want the Requested For to be populated we ended up using the Requested By to be the Raise User, but so we didn’t have to start rewriting queries, there’s a copy rule to copy Requested By to Raise User – what a palaver!!



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            Hi Helen, you're not talking rubbish, I get what you're trying to say, it just doesn't make sense to me that the "Requested For" should be the field that is auto populated with the Raise User details.....


            I think we'll probably end up doing what you have done, with the copy rule, as it makes sense that the "Requested By" is the person raising it and the "Requested For" could be one of their staff perhaps.


            Thanks for helping out!