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    Task notes in Change window and vice versa




      I am trying to find a way to handle notes in changes/incidents and associated tasks.


      Our analysts do not always want to switch between the change/incident and the task to get all information they need.

      End users are able to add notes to changes/incidents and tasks.


      I am trying to have window with much as information as it is possible to have a better overview of the whole change/incident or task in webdesk.


      How do you handle this?

      Thanks for some ideas



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          Hi Thomas,


          I am afraid I use a crystal report for this as it was the only way I could handle the collections. This suits us as our Change Advisory Boards are the only ones who infrequently use this view (to print off and take to board meetings etc.).


          If, like ours, most of your details are collections, I have found that by adding to the "Results Output Attributes" on the business object (through object designer) does a reasonable job of showing the details. Then you add the collection to your window. Still not great, I know, as it mean scrolling all the way down the screen.


          Hopefully that's of some use though...

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            Just a quick idea of what you could do.  Drag the Incident Business Object into Change and say NO to the questions.  From there you should be able to add attributes from Incident module onto the Change windows.


            Let me know if you would like some screenshots or more details.