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    Mac Patch & Compliance?


      I'm absurdly new to LANDesk and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  I'm currently working with an evaluation license to see if this will meet our needs.


      One of the big things we're interested in is patching on our Macs.  This needs to be tested before we make a decision.  And I have absolutely no idea how to set it up...


      I'm looking at the Security and Compliance section of the console, looking at Patch and compliance...  And there's a button I can hit to Download updates...  But I'm just seeing things like Dell Software Updates and Intel Software Updates...  I don't see anything in there for Macs (nor do I see anything that looks like Windows/Microsoft updates).

      Am I looking in the wrong place?  Is there some way to add a subscription?

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          Hi Chris,


          The definition types are controlled by the license that you are using with the product. A trial license would have everything enabled until the trial ran out. Did your trial license run out or are you using a different license? Either way you may want to contact your sales rep or support and get a new trial license and then Macintosh will show up in the list.

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            Thanks Snowman.


            I had trouble activating the standard 45-day evaluation license and had to work with a support representative to get things working...  There's probably something not included in the license I'm using.  I've contacted that support representative again and hopefully we'll be able to get that resolved.

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.