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    Inventory Not Updating


      This one is puzzling and making me a bit nuts! So appreciate any insights.


      We are running 9.02.03.  I have over 1000 client machines with agents pushed to them. The agent is configured for inventory scans once a day however over time, what I see in the list of devices is that the computer last scanned field ages too much. What I should see when I list the computers is the current date or yesterday, as long as the PC was online on the network.


      In other words, it appears that they are either not checking in or the scan is not run. Eventually, I end up having to reinstall the agent to bring everything up to date. It doesn't happen on all machines, but a pretty a fair percentage of them. So someplace I've got something messed up but I'm not sure what.





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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          What options did you set for the inventory scanning in your agent configuration?


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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Did you configure some kind of filter on your inventory scan? You say it should run once per day, but did you put timelimits or machine state filters?


            You can check the local scheduler on the machine (localsch.exe /tasks | more) to see what tasks are actively scheduled or check this in the Inventory of the device under LANDesk Management.



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              I set Automatic update, plus schedule driven scans: repeat every 1 day, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. (we are a school and that is when most of our students are on campus).  Weekly between Monday and Friday. No filters on bandwidth or machine state.

              I would say at least 75% of our equipment performs exactly as noted. But it seems I always have this pile of random machines that will simply not do what they are told. (or I messed up somewhere!)

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                I'd emphasize what Frank said about checking the local scheduler tasks. I've seen (admittedly very few) situations where an agent is missing half of it's local tasks, including the one that runs the daily inventory scan, for no obvious reason. I'm not sure if the tasks never existing (and therefore the inventory data on the core would be what was submitted during agent installtion) or went missing at some point down the line.


                On a problem machine, if you right-click it in the console and select Inventory Scan -> Full Sync Scan, does the task complete successfully and update the inventory on the core? If it works, it certainly suggests the scanner isn't simply broken, and it's likely to be a problem with scheduling.


                Using Frank's command (or check the LANDesk Management -> Local Scheduler -> Schedule Tasks invnentory branch, if the data is up-to-date), I'd normally expect to see 6 or 7 scheduled tasks on a machine. The daily inventory scan (as far as I'm aware) always has task ID 777.


                If the tasks are missing, you can probably fix this using the Schedule update to agent settings feature, which is a little easier and safer than redeploying the whole agent.