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    Showing Noticeboard items within dates set on noticeboard item


      So OOTB noticeboard items have a publication and expiry date which is great.  It allows anyone who might be administering them the ability to know when the notice is valid and when it isn't any longer.  I want to either

      A. Create a query that shows these noticeboard items when the current date is within that specific date range.


      B. Create a process with a precondition that compares current time against that same publication -> expiring range and will automatically close the publication out. 


      The first solution requires conditions that just dont allow it.  I've even created another attribute on my noticeboard items with a calculation that comes up with the current date After Reading them, but theres not enough operators within the advanced query building or the needed conditions to make use of these date ranges.


      I also dont believe that its even possible to build a process on any System Object like notice board at this point.


      Is my only answer to create a new business object which must be of type "Is Process?" and completely abandon the current noticeboard structure?


      Any other ideas on how people are handling the Noticeboard maintenance?