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    Reminder emails not being sent


      I have a process where at some stage a specific person needs to be contacted to chase up a student to come to IT Services.


      In my process I have created a Alert Action with an automatic reminder action following it, within the Automatic Add reminder I have set it as follows which is from understanding correct, but the account under user does not get the email.


      We do get other emails from escalations, responses and notes etc...

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          Hi Shaun


          Can you see the email being generated but just not sent in the DB?  Or is it not being generated at all?  Is the email being sent to the group BHS ES ok?



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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup


            Verify that your background services and outbound mail services are running.  It's also worth checking the event log to see if there is an error that has been triggered.  Also, when you open the "reminder" from the ticket, so you have the "Send Message" action?  If so, it may be worth manually selecting that to make sure it in fact does send and remove the Active check box. 


            Is the "User" attibute a default one or one that was user created?