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    Saving an Incident in Portal



      one of our customers is concerned about the confusion that the OK, SAVE and CANCEL buttons on a newly-created Incident's window in Portal.

      He's already asked us if we can amend the name of these buttons which is another issue (I believe this can be done but is not supported).


      Our Portal was designed by the consultant so that it actually creates a CALL in the CALL MANAGEMENT module - this was designed so that the time taken by the Portal End User to create an Incident was not taken into account for the SLA.


      However, the SAVE button on this window confuses them because it simply redisplays the CALL record in a closed status (read-only) and they then only have the option to CANCEL.

      The background process does successfully create the new Incident in Incident Management whether the OK or SAVE button is selected, it's just this SAVE option that causes the confusion.


      Has anyone else thought of a workaround for this (e.g. remove the SAVE button???),


      Many thanks in advance,