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    Linking CI's to Company

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      We would like to link CI's to the Companies. Bascially to replicate our existing Call system we need LANDesk to see all the Contracts for a specific Company. Our idea was to create the Company information in the Company Object and the different Contracts as CI's. I've investigated using Linked Business Objects but I cant link Company to Configuration Item (because its not a referance?) Is there a way to do this?





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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          You could sort of cheat by putting your 'companies' in as suppliers.  Then you can add CIs to the 'company' using the administration tools.  You could have a flag on the supplier to indicate it really was a company and filter stuff based on that.


          Not ideal and logically you should be able to link CIs to companies as you can do that for every other type of group.  I'd log that with support as well if I were you.