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    Distributing Internet Explorer 8 - Prompt users for reboot


      Hello All,


      I am distributing Internet Explorer 8, and I am looking for solution to ask users to reboot or respectively not reboot after the installation.

      The installation by it self goes very well, but in order to take effect, the target device should be rebooted.

      I can force the reboot using "shutdown /r ....", but that does not work for me...I am just not allowed to FORCE a reboot. The problem is that when IE8 is installed and the computer is NOT rebooted,

      some of the functionality we use are gone, which stops the normal work of the users. I need a solution prompting the users to reboot or postponde the reboot after the installation is done.

      As far as I know, LANDesk does not have such functionality, so probably some kind of script should be used...

          # LANDesk version


      Thank you in advance for your help...