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    List of PCs based on user ID



      I have an excel sheet including list of users IDs, and I want to push one package for these users. Is there is a way to import this list of users into the LANDesk to identify each users machine, so i can push the package easily? any idea would be appreciated



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          Bradley_M Apprentice

          Probably the easiest would be to put all the users into a security group and then target the security group.


          Otherwise I built myself a template so that I could modify queries directly.  I have one built for Login Name, Primary Owner, and Computer Name but the idea is the same for all of them.  Build a simple query that looks for LoginName1 or LoginName2.  Save and then export the query to an LDMS.  Open the LDMS in Notepad and you can see the format that it uses when building the queries.  I then take all my users and add the necessary before and after to the name and make it all into one line.  Then I copy and paste into the LDMS and re-import to the console.  Building the templates did take a little while but with them built they have come in handy for me.  Careful that none of the names have international characters in them.  If there is a é,í,á, and so on in the excel sheet then it will fail when you try to import the query back into the console.


          Excel Template.jpg