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    PXE boot with ultrabook and USB ethernet


      Greetings all,


      We are going to start deploying some ultrabooks in our company but have hit a stumbling block with capturing and deploying an image.


      We are trying to capture an image, but the USB ethernet device we have will not PXE boot.  The solutions I have found is to create a boot floppy or CD, but the ultrabook has neither.


      I was wondering if it's possible to copy the image to a USB and install it on the computers that way?  Or if someone has a better suggestion i'm all ears.


      Thanks for your time.

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          You can create a USB boot media (as opposed to CD boot media) and then boot that way and have LANDesk pick up the provisioning task from there.


          Alternately you can copy the image and your imaging tool (ImageW V2 if you're using LANDesk, ImageX or Ghost if you're using their tools) and then just run it manually.  You would also need to bring over the sysprep file manually as well, so if you are able to simply do the USB boot media and let LANDesk take over that would probably be easiest.

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            OK, thanks for that.


            I'm trying to make a bootable USB drive, but as i've only got a USB to ethernet NIC, i'm not having any luck getting the drivers installed.


            I've found instructions on mounting the WIM file and using Peimg to add the driver, but the version of WIAK I have doesn't have that file.  After googling I found that it's replaced with dism.  I tried that, but getting the error:

            Error: 50

            DISM does not support servicing a Windows Vista RTM or earlier operating system.

            If the operating system is supported check that SSShim.DLL is present.


            Is someone able to help me add a NIC driver to the USB boot disk?



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              Think I have it.


              I just copied the drivers into the installeddrivers folder, and it loaded it automatically.




              The issue I now have is that it comes up with a LANDesk Provisioning Agent and asks for my username and password.

              After that it's just showing - Connect to core:[server name]

              Loading Template...


              Is there any way I can get it to show the menu that the other computers see (during normal PXE boot)?  I have a capture task setup for this computer, but I cant see the menu.



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                philipp.orak SupportEmployee



                It looks like your WinPE does not know who is the core server. Please follow the steps in the following article and let us know if it helps:







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                  First off, I'm glad to hear you got the drivers to work!  There's a tool on the Core server that will help you add the drivers yourself so you don't need to mount the wim manually.  All it does is copy the files to the installeddrivers directory, so if you are comfortable mounting and saving the image manually there is no downside to doing it that way either.


                  As for the next problem let me outline what process this needs to go through and where it seems we are.  That way instead of giving you troubleshooting steps with no context I can hopefully provide you insight to reason through any problems that come up.


                  Step 1 - Get into WinPE

                  Solution you used: USB Boot Media


                  This step seems to be done.


                  Step 2 - Load network and mass storage device drivers

                  Solution: LANDesk will automatically load all drivers in the installeddrivers directory.  If you are on LDMS 9.0 SP2 then WinPE is based on the Win7 x86 kernel, so use matching drivers.


                  This step seems to be done


                  Step 3 - Connect to the core server and determine if a task is setup.


                  This is where we seem to be falling apart.  There are two scenarios here.  Scenario 1 is that a task has been previously setup on the Core Server and is waiting for the client.  Scenario 2 is that there is no task setup on the core so you want to select one from the client.


                  For scenario 1 the task would need to be started on the core.  If it is created, but has not been started then the task is not actively waiting for a client to connect.  Also there is the possibility that there are communication problems or LANDesk problems that make it so even though a task exists it is not found.  If this is the scenario you are going for and you are sure there is a task started and waiting then we can go through troubleshooting steps to isolate the specific problem.


                  For scenario 2 the provisioning UI should prompt for user name and password and then allow you to select a provisioning template to run.  One thing is that you need to enable basic authentication in the IIS settings on the core server.  This is the only part of the product that relies on basic authentication, so if you don't want to use this feature I would recommend leaving it off.


                  Let me know which scenario you are trying to run with and where you find yourself with it (as in, I have a task created and started, but it just stays in a pending - waiting state all the time and the provisioning UI is asking for username and password) and we'll figure out some next steps.



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                    Thanks very much for your help Mach6, it was scenario 2 I was after.  Being able to pick a capture or deploy template from the menu.


                    After a bit of google-foo, I found a way to manually edit startnet.cmd file in the boot image to show the OSD menu.


                    Everything is now working as I expect and has saved us many hours of doing images manually (or ghosting them to a external drive).


                    Thanks everyone for your help.

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                      I am trying to do scenario 2 as well.  I can select the  template but I get an error message when i select the template to deploy the image.  Where can i find the steps to enable basic authentication in the IIS?

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                        Andrew, can you provide more details on how you modified the startnet and what you entered in your startnet to resolve the issue.

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                          Timmy Rookie

                          Zanthius, What changes did you make to the startnet.cmd file to get the OSD menu. I have mounted the WIM image and found the startnet.cmd file but would like to know what changes to make. When i boot from the USB key i've created it loads the provisioning options. But i want to get access to my PXE boot menu where i can capture an image.