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    PXE Imaging Problem


      Hi there,


      We recently moved the pxe server to a different computer. We are having trouble loading the pxe menu. We are stuck at this point.


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          Ironbike Apprentice



               Have you checked the NIC drivers in the image to ensure your new PXE machine's drivers are there?

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            Il faut au prealable recharger les pilotes pour la carte réseau dans l'image WinPe sur le core serveur.





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              ahe Expert



              how did you "move" your PXE? Did you uninstall PXE from the old computer (or stop all PXE services on it) and install PXE on the new one with the LANDesk script?




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                The error message you are seeing shouldn't be related to the PXE Representative.  It's that you don't have NIC drivers for that device in your WinPE image.  IronBike is dead on the money on this one.


                You should find Windows 7 x86 (not x64) drivers for that model and inject them into the WinPE image and then redeploy your PXE Rep.  If you need help with those steps let me know and we'll go from there.

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                  we have the same problem...I added the NIC driver for Latitude E6400 in our WinPE image but when the client boots, the wrong driver will loaded from WinPE:


                  [LDDrvLoad]: This ist not a valid folder name, cFileName = .
                  [LDDrvLoad]: This ist not a valid folder name, cFileName = ..
                  [LDDrvLoad]: The next folder name is
                  NIC driver for Fujitsu T900\e1k6232.inf

                  DrvLoad: Succesfully loaded X:\InstalledDrivers\
                  NIC driver for Fujitsu T900\e1k6232.inf


                  The e1k6232.inf ist the last NIC drive i have added in our WinPE image and i try to boot with a Latitude E6400 but the driver will not loaded.

                  The PXE reprensentative is on the LD core server. So in this case, what must i do ?




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                    You still need to redeploy the PXE Rep (run the Deploy PXE Representative script).  You are probably already aware that it is not recommended to run the PXE Representative on the core server, but it appears you've already decided to do that.  Run the script and let me know the results.


                    Alternately, you can copy the boot.wim file from LANDesk\ManagementSuite\landesk\vboot to LANDesk\PXE\System\Images\Boot (I did that path from memory, so it might be slightly off).  When you add drivers it modifies the first copy, but PXE Clients boot off the second copy.

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                      i have copy the new boot.wim to LANDesk\PXE\System\Images\Boot (this is easier than to redeploy the PXE Rep.) and the clients are booting now :-)


                      many thanks