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    Inventory backup procedure






      i am working in LDMS 8.8 , and i have a problem in the server in my VM , so i want to install the LDMS 8.8 on the new VM but i want to save my tasks and inventory database and use it with new VM LDMS  . How can i do this ?









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - in "simple" theory, you only need to do this:


          1. Stop all Intel/LANDesk services on your "old Core".

          2. Backup your "existing DB".

          3. Stop all Intel/LANDesk services on your "New Core".

          4. Restore your "existing DB backup" over the DB of your "New Core".




          ... the problem with this is that your Global Scheduler won't work very well, because of entries in the METASYSTEMS table.


          You need to go in (by hand) and edit/fix the information in the METASYSTEMS table - and change any references from your "old Core" / "old DB" to the current Core / Current DB, so things like,

          • CORESERVER

          • CONNECTINFO

          and so on.


          If you don't want to get your hands dirty with the DB, then you can simply store scans of your clients on your "old core". As for the tasks, you can't export the tasks, but you CAN export/import the package info, the delivery methods + the queries.


          For the scans, just change the following settings in the CONFIGURE SERVICES -> Inventory-tab -> Advanced options:

          Set "Do Delta" to "0" (to disable delta scanning, so you get full scans

          Set "Store Scans" to "1" (this creates an additional folder under your Core's LDSCAN directory called "storage" where incoming scans (now - non-delta) will be stored).WARNING - This can take QUITE a bit of space (estimate ca. 1-2 MB per client). So you may want to monitor / move those files frequently, depending on how much space you have on your drive.


          You can then just feed those as scan-files to your "New Core" by copying them into LDSCAN. Depends on how many clients you have here.


          Exporting/Importing queries is done through the Console UI.


          The Distribution package import/export tool is PACKAGE.PORTER.EXE.

          The Delivery Method import/export tool is METHOD.PORTER.EXE.

          The files are in the MANAGEMENTSUITE directory on the Core.


          These are command-line tools, and the syntax is pretty easy (you pretty much only need to specify whether you're doing an import or an export, and the XML-file).


          This might be the "gentler" option, on account of not having to faff about with the DB and risking messing up global scheduler.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.