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    Collecting Registry Information


      I am familiar with using the ldappl3 to collect registry entries but I have a query regarding the collection of a specific key. I have SmarTeam in my environment and I need to capture the Hot Fix version if installed, I know the registry key exists at HKLM\SOFTWARE\SmarTeam\SmarTeam\SMARTEAM - Editor V5R19 SP7 HF60 but there are no valuses under the key, only the key exists as shown below




      Is there a way to capture that the key exists by using ldappl3? This is what I have tried but it collects nothing, I tried with and without the "" after HF60 but it makes no difference.



      ;KEY=HKLM, SOFTWARE\SmarTeam\SmarTeam\SMARTEAM - Editor V5R19 SP7 HF60,"", Custom Data - SmarTeam - HotFix HF60


      Any hel appreciated