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    HTML links do not work in Solution of Article


      I'm attempting to provide html links in the solutions panel of the Article window. I paste in the link, but when attempting to access there is no hyperlink. Is there a way around this. I'm trying to save time by not having create articles with attachements or having to go through the whole document creation and taxonomy process for an end user how to section in self-service portal. It seems this is a much bigger hassle than it really should be. I just want to provide a hyperlink in a solution for end user howto Attached is a screenshot of the window I'm referring to.


      Any thought or ideas are appreciated,



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          You might want to try changing the String SubData Type on that attribute to being HTML within Object Designer.  I expect it will be found under Knowledge Management - Article - Solution.  Try it out on your test system and see if this works as expected.


          As an aside, you can build in the contents of .pdfs into the knowledge search itself if you are licenced for active knowledge.  If you are on 7.4 and 7.5 then you get this as standard.


          Best wishes