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    Cannot create Incidents


      We have an analyst who is unable to create an incident. He receives the following error:


      "The process required for this operation is no longer available"


      Any ideas?

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          Are you sure that the Analyst is using a process shortcut that is using an Active process?  This is the error message you get when a process has been deactivated.  I'd check the process in the component maintenance to see what it's using then check if this is activated.



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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            I agree with Helen.  Chances are you have the process related to that workspace item deactivated or it's been deleted somehow.

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              We had the same issue, and got this fix from HDS tech support:


              In the console.exe.config on the local machine / machine where console is installed there is the following key:

                   <add key="ClientMetadataCaching" value="true" />

              You can change this to

              <add key="ClientMetadataCaching" value="false" />

              and may see some performance differences, being set to true is a benefit as it then stores local copies of information normally retrieved from the server.

              In this case this is looking at an old copy which has been stored.  The cache files are stored in the users profile under Application Data/TouchpaperORLandesk or AppData/Local/TouchpaperORLandesk.

              In there you should see a folder for each server that you connect to, e.g.
              ServerName__Touchpaper.Framework.Web_57B22430. This folder will contain a whole load of .xml files.

              If you need to clear the cache files you can delete them all from this location and they will be recreated again as long as the user has create file permissions on this location.