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    Adding a condition to SQL filter


      I have created a form that contains single record field, displaying computer name that pulls data from "All assets" data list and since I want only computers, I set SQL Filter to [ALM_ASSET_BASE].[ALM_Type]=50 to ensure only computers are displayed.


      Now my task has changed and I need to display only laptops. I know that I can use ALM_OBJ26.AM_COMPUTERTYPE field to determine whether the device is a laptop, but how do I incorporate it into the SQL Filter? I tried adding it as [ALM_ASSET_BASE].[ALM_Type]=50 AND [ALM_OBJ26].AM_COMPUTERTYPE]='Laptop' but getting an error "multipart identifier ALM_OBJ26.AM_COMPUTERTYPE could not be bound".


      What's the best way to proceed?


      Should I create another data list with just Laptops? if so, how do I do that?